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Dearest Internets,

Since my post on Wednesday, I have watched more Doctor Who.

A lot of it.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say how much.

Let's put it this way. I've spent nearly as many hours watching Doctor Who as I have sleeping. Possibly more, given that n has been up in the middle of the night several nights this week.

"The Empty Child"
"The Doctor Dances"

I loved these. But what can I say? Captain Jack + World War II + suspense (as opposed to cheese) = a happy Rami

"Bad Wolf"
"The Parting of the Ways"

I mostly liked these, too. Didn't love them, but didn't NOT like them. Just a sort of enjoyable thing.

"The Christmas Invasion" - this is actually the first one that I watched after "Midnight" on Tuesday, and so it was kind of a crash course in getting to know who people were. But I think that was actually good, since it was the first Tennant episode, so it also had a little bit of a restart with it.

"New Earth" - I liked this one okay. The big face and the cat people aren't really my flow, but hey.
"Tooth and Claw" - Liked this one less than New Earth, but still didn't dislike it.
"School Reunion" - If I ignored the giant bat creatures, I really liked this one. Heh.
"The Girl in the Fireplace" I did love this. If you know me, this should not surprise you.

"Rise of the Cybermen"
"The Age of Steel"

I didn't really care much for either of these. I'm not sure why, there was nothing particularly wrong with them (where "wrong" equals "things I dislike"), I just couldn't get into them.

"The Idiot's Lantern" - this one was fun.

"The Impossible Planet"
"The Satan Pit"

I liked these a lot. It reminded me of early MIchael Crichton stuff to be honest, but in a good way. And I really liked what it showed us about the characters.

"Love & Monsters" - I confess. I loved this one. A lot. Until the icky giant gross monster, but I still loved it.
"Fear Her" - I liked it okay. No particular strong feelings.

"Army of Ghosts"

I am so torn on these. I enjoyed a lot about them, and yet I feel kind of... I don't know. 

"The Runaway Bride"     - I confess, I laughed a lot.

"Smith and Jones" - I really liked this one, and really enjoyed the introduction of Martha.
"The Shakespeare Code"  - It wasn't one of my favorites - blah blah witches, etc - but I did get a doofy enjoyment out of certain aspects of it. 57 academics, indeed.
"Gridlock" - I minded our trip back to this planet less than I did the first time around, but I confess to it confusing me a bit at first, and I'm not sure why.

"Daleks in Manhattan"
"Evolution of the Daleks"

Meh. I don't know. Was it the pig men? Was it the fact that any time Daleks are on screen I spent that time contemplating why they're supposed to be scary? Either way, they didn't draw me in.

"The Lazarus Experiment"  - heeeeeeehehehe naked mark gatiss.
"42"  - if it weren't for the "burn with me" line and the x-men-esque eye thingy, I would've really liked this one.

"Human Nature" 
"The Family of Blood"    

I loved these. I can't quite say why - and no, it's not just because it's a boarding school in pre-WWI England. Something about seeing The Doctor see himself from the outside, and the reaction to the kind of life he lives... I dunno. Anyway. I liked them a lot. And loved the actor who played the young bad guy. Also, hi, kid from Love, Actually!

"The Sound of Drums"
"Last of the Time Lords"
Excellent excellent EXCELLENT. Loved these. (Okay. Except for Dobby!Doctor, and the whole Beauty & the Beast-esque rejuvenation, that was just too much for me, but I can put it aside.) Return of Captain Jack, the changes that have happened to him, Derek Jacobi, John Simm (duhhhhhhhh), wickedly evil Master, excellent plot line, just overall loved it. And at the end, when he was begging the master to regenerate... anyway. loved.

Voyage of the Damned - Again with liking this a lot. And hey! Hello dude from Sherlock who's actually from Being Human whose name I don't really know! Fancy meeting you here.

(for those of you keeping count, that's 32 episodes, and approximately 24 hours worth. /o\) 

Aaaaand on to Series 4 it is, I suppose. I have way more thoughts than I've put in here, but I'm having trouble getting them from my brain to my keyboard.

ETA: I'm kind of in love with whoever was in charge of the music for series 3. It really was just excellent.
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