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Both old and new

Met up with Patty tonight to FINALLY go see Avengers. And it was awesome! Except for that part 3/4 through where my knee seized up and hurt for 5 minutes straight, but I can hardly blame that on Joss.  I approve highly of the movie. And also Jeremy Renner's arms. 

I've also started watching Supernatural. Which resulted in this conversation:
"So, a few days ago, I started watching Supernatural."
"Oooh! You've got three or four seasons of really good stuff to watch!"
"I finished season three today."
". . . . . oh. sorry."

Which led to further conversation on the fact that, well, I'm aware of the characters, and the premise and all of that, but somehow I managed to steer clear of its fandom almost entirely. I know who the people are, and I know certain things happen, but have no idea how people feel about various episodes, let alone seasons, or even characters. It's like I'm watching it fresh, and that's kind of fun. I recently went through Doctor Who in a similar way, but I did know about people's strong feelings about the characters, seasons, showrunners, etc, so it was sort of more like I was filling in the blanks, whereas this is a clean slate, if that makes sense.

I'm digging it. Er, both doing it the clean slate way, and the show. 

So, yes. Media - I can haz it!


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