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*blows the dust off this thing*

Uh... hullo. If anybody's still reading. :) I've been meaning for, well, months now, to write some long deep meaningful thing on my DW experience, if you will, and my feelings on the companions, including my deep uncomfortable feelings around Amy (as companion. not as character). Alas, I have not done so, and thusly I feel a little bit like I ought to just put out there before tonight's episode that I'm glad for it, and will be glad not just when there's another companion, but when Moffat is done pulling everybody along this journey of saying goodbye to the Ponds.

So. Yeah! 

How are you guys? 

We've been okay, although preschool illnesses and a full-time job leave little time for the internet, even as my meds have helped me cope better with it. Such is the way of the world, I suppose. 

In the evenings and on the weekends (and now and then during the day but not often anymore), I can be found on twitter (expected username, aka my LJ handle). I have a tumblr and have been enjoying reading, though I don't actually post on my fannish tumblr (notmissmarple, if you see that name and are confused). I also have a personal one where I post amusing and infuriating interactions with the toddler. Email me if you want that one.

And, alas, like most of mainstream society, I spend most of my time on the book of face. I think I've found most of you over there, but if I haven't, and you'd like to get spammed with 3,672,497 pictures of the toddler, then let me know.

(please note this is attempt TWO at this post, as something truly strange is going on and normal typing keeps moving my cursor around the screen and deleting things. augh.)
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