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Send Martin Freeman your love this week

I was going to send it out this morning, but spent yesterday fretting over postcards and what to send (mostly we have ones from the zoo, and while pandas are cute... anyway.) when my wonderful wife informed me that she had a book of postcards of great authors, and that I could use her ACD postcard to send. 

So here it sits, ready to go. Hurrah.
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I'm rewatching the episodes from Sherlock Series 2 (RF first, for no reason other than it was what I had at my fingertips; I had to move SiB and HB from my external drive, now that I'm back on the laptop instead of the netbook), and I have all of these ~thoughts~ and ~feelings~.

This is when I really hate the dive it feels like my brain has taken since getting pregnant and having n. When you've got not much going on, you can sort of coast along without any problem. But when there are actual things in your brain that you just can't organize or get out, it's like I'm inside my own head, hitting brick walls over and over.

But, in terms of improvement, I actually read 3 fics last night, and started reading a fourth. This is approximately as much or more fic than I've read in the last ~3 years, put together.

Baby steps, eh?

Sherlock things I'm digging right this moment (with a toddler on my lap, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, for great cognitive dissonance):

Vid, Hurt

Molly-centric Sherlock/Watson fic, Folding, Unfolding, Refolding

Moriarty fic, Although the Brightest Fell

All post-RF, obv.

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Is that they keep me from sleeping.


Sherlock! Was so good. I don't really have many complaints. However, can we chat about transitions? )
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when not being here.

-caring for small child
-working awesome part-time job
-freaking out about omg small child is going to SCHOOL this summer!
-crafting things

So, since only the last one is likely of interest to you guys...

To say money this year is tight would be put it... more than mildly. So I wasn't sure what to do for holiday gifts. For my family, let alone anybody else.

Cue pinterest and other friends with awesome ideas! Also, awesome friends who share an abundance of vanilla beans with us, for lo they ordered in bulk from Ebay, and got way more than they needed. (But still cheaper than buying individually locally. of course.)

Candles I have made/plan to make:
-3 candles in shades of blue, scented cinnamon, for co-workers
-1 candle in off-white with gold specks, scented peppermint. Less of a success, but I hope the recipient (another - non-Jewish - co-worker) still likes it. 
Still to be done - 2 candles in white/red (or at least pink) layers, scented peppermint, for my mom & aunt

Candy bags:
-the ubiquitous "I have a toddler, so we bought pretzel rods, dipped them in chocolate, and sprinkled shit on them" snacks
-plus some "instant hot chocolate" spoons - plastic spoons with chocolate & crushed [insert tasty thing here] to add to hot water or milk and make hot chocolate
(made one of these bags for figment's babysitter; will be making a few more for friends and co-workers. we even got chanukah sprinkles!)

Alcoholic Experiments:
-vanilla extract, with aforementioned vanilla beans + vodka. It won't be ready by Christmas/Chanukah (one batch will be ready early January, the other mid-January), but I hope people enjoy them. For beeb's babysitter, my mom, and my aunt, I got nicer bottles at the con.tainer store, then I have 4 smaller plain bottles. The nice bottles got etched with the recipient's name, and one of the smaller bottles is etched with "vanilla." I'm still debating what to do on the other three.
-Vanilla Coffee Liqueur. Also won't be done by the holidays (this one sits for 6 weeks, not just 4, so won't be ready until the end of January, sorry folks!) but I'm informed that it smells delicious. In a big pretty bottle for my step-dad (may etch it, not sure), in a big pretty ball jar for friends, and in a small plain ball jar for a co-worker who is a coffee fiend.

Total outlay, about $50. Way more than I wanted to spend (dude! etching cream is EXPENSIVE!), but when you figure that it's about 20 presents, $2.5 a present ain't so bad, and certainly much nicer than the crap I'd be able to buy for $2.5!

Plus, now I have etching cream for future projects. (and plain white contact paper. a lot of it. A LOT OF IT. Any suggestions for things to do with BORING PLAIN WHITE contact paper?)


Nov. 28th, 2011 12:08 am
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 So, I've been away from LJ since basically Wednesday afternoon, so I have no clue what any of you have said. I hope your turkey days were good if you are in the US, and if you're not, that you had a good weekend. But I am just here to say, in re: this week's Merlin: WAUGH.
(the eynd)
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But don't know what to post about.

So have a meme!

The more interesting way - pick (a) number(s) between 1 and 46, and I'll answer your question(s) in a new post.

The party pooper version - you can see the questions behind this cut tag. )

I reserve the right to answer behind friends-lock (on DW - LJ is all under friends lock).

Please? Give me something to post about!
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My mother had pretty serious surgery on Friday (not, like, to remove cancer or a body part or anything, but she's been having serious pain in her shoulder for quite a while, and the only fix left they hadn't tried was surgery, so here they were), which will require months of recovery, etc etc, and [i]I forgot about it[/i]. I mean, until Saturday, when beeb and I called her on the video call thing and woke her up from her drug-induced stupor and she looked like she'd been hit by about 7 mac trucks.


It's not really a daughter thing, but a twofold problem, with built-in guilt.

The first part of the problem being that, while I've always been forgetful, the amount to which I am NOW forgetful is epic. Seriously epic. The only way I remember ANYTHING is if it's right the fuck in front of my face. Which all things cannot be at all times. It might help if I remembered to put things in my calendar. But half the time I forget to check my calendar (and I absentmindedly ignore or delete reminders. because I'm awesome like that.) and aside from which, if I don't put something in the calendar the exact second I'm told it, chances are good that by the time I'm in a position to not look like an asshole by pulling out my smartphone and putting something in the calendar, I've already forgotten what it was I meant to put in the calendar.

The second part is... well, I've already forgotten the second part. I swear I had two things to put here when I started. But anyway. case in point.

And then there's the guilt. Entirely self-inflicted. And, I mean, it's one thing to be forgetful to friends - not that that's nice or great or anything like that, and it sucks, but with n around, for some reason it's feeling all the more terrible when I forget things for my own mom. Who looks older every day, even when not recovering from surgery and taking massive amounts of pain medication, but seriously, who said that was okay? Not me in the least. Anyway, I'm sure she's used to it by this point, but that doesn't make it okay, and I don't really love it.

Anyway. Do any of you have any good tips for keeping track of things? I mean, tips that don't involve me being an anti-social dorkface who puts her face in her phone even more often than she already does, making everybody stop what they're doing/saying for her to put something in her calendar? Which will be rendered moot in no time anyway because the moment there's more than about 3 things in my calendar, all the words blend together and it's all meaningless anyway?

(If not glaringly obvious, my brain and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment.)

ETA: Oh, and while I'm at it, I should probably talk to my brother and ask him how that stress-induced illness is coming along. I kind of fail at interpersonal relationships at the moment, apparently.
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To say that Merlin was FANTASTIC tonight. Seriously. And next week looks great, too. The last two weeks were good, though after the opening three eps, a little underwhelming, but I loved tonight's. Except it felt like it should've been about 15 minutes longer. Or perhaps that's my selfish nature being cranky at 43 minute episodes of a UK show. Hmph.

Still liking Grimm, two eps in, though something (not quite sure what) is keeping me from loving it. Once Upon a Time, I like it a lot, especially the modern stuff (the flashbacks are a bit eye rolly, I confess), but I have Issues. Which I'll write about... at some time that is not now. 

Chuck... well. I'm hanging in there for the end. What can I say.

And Psych may kill me with anxiety, but that's nothing new. 
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Yeah, so, some time over the summer (around SDCC, perhaps?), I saw that That Guy From Heroes was going to be on Covert Affairs, blah blah, artist guy, I'm crap with names and so I didn't think too much more about it. 

And then somewhere in there I started watching Merlin, looking up the various actors, as I do when I watch a new show, oh hey, this guy was on Heroes.

Right. Same guy. Told you sometimes I'm dumb.

And it's all a moot point, anyway, as my brain is only able to hold about 5 seconds worth of memory anyway, so by the time I watched last night's Covert Affairs, I'd totally forgotten that he was going to be on anyway. But I have to say that Santiago Cabrera was most certainly a welcome addition to the episode. Yes he was. 


Oct. 29th, 2011 09:55 am
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When my daughter says "shower" (which is often; she looooves showers and is obsessed with them), she sounds rather like Gollum saying "shire."

It's really hard not to laugh. 
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And how it was kind of boring, until it wasn't? 

I'm sure that some of my boredom was due to disappointment in James Callis playing rather a caricature, but he was still fun to watch, as always. But then there was the thing! With the other thing! And it was nice to finally really get to see [x]. And a bit disturbing to see [y]. 

All in all I'd say not on par with the first three episodes of the season, but I suppose that was bound to happen sooner or later.


Oct. 17th, 2011 12:02 am
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I've watched some! 

Have some spoiler-free reactions (reconstituted from my whole original post that I accidentally navigated away from, like the smart guy I am.)

Psych - I am so glad the guys are back! But gah, they spent the whole episode dealing with that thing that's been making me nervous for quite a while, and I worry about how long they'll drag it out. I may need to take up drinking. (Bonus: watching it while actually airing, including commercials, means I saw that Covert Affairs is coming back soon! Yeah, mock away.)

Merlin - wow. That was really good. (Did I say that about an episode of Merlin? Okay, yeah. I did.) I have one tiny quibble (why couldn't w-woejrhwekjrwe. no spoilers), but aside from that loved it. And that ending was just gorgeous. Next week on Merlin - that guy that everybody else knows from BSG but I only know from Eureka! Hurrah. (at least, it looked like James Callis. IMDB is unhelpful, shockingly.)
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So, it's possible I kind of sort of am watching Merlin. I'm really good at being late to the game!

But that's not what I came to tell you about.
(came to talk about the draft)

The other night, Selkie and figgy and I were out at the mall with [livejournal.com profile] just_showtune and [livejournal.com profile] weered1 and I had one of those customer service experiences/stupid children these days experiences that you hear about, but don't think REALLY happen. I was in line behind two people, and the front person had already ordered, gotten her food, and handed over her money. I stood there for a few minutes while the cashier faffed about, figuring perhaps she was waiting for ones or fives or something to give change. And when nothing happened after about five minutes, I started paying attention. It seemed, apparently, that the cashier was horribly confused, as "she paid [her] with a twenty, but [she] typed fifteen into the register!" For a few minutes more, I thought perhaps she was new, and didn't understand that it doesn't ACTUALLY matter how much cash tendered is entered into the register, since you only keep, you know, the money to pay for the item.

But oh, no. That wasn't the problem. The problem was, since she had put 15 in the register, and given popped up the amount of change for 15 instead of 20, she didn't know how much change to give the woman.

Five dollars. And she couldn't figure it out.

And the best part? The change that was listed on the register was $10.71. So, quite literally, she could not add 10 and 5 and get 15.

I contemplating facepalming upon the counter, but I was too busy being boggled that things like that really do happen.
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That time of year when I get all shiftless and sleepless and think about things that stay the same and things that change. With Summer still so close in memory (and likely not over yet), I wonder - as I do every year at this time - why the hell we stay in a nasty hot swamp. But with n around and a job that I love, at the very least I'm not angsting over my career (though I'm not sure that educational nag will every go away). Though perhaps it would be easier if job angsting would coincide with location angsting. Perhaps then J and I would get our crap together to move somewhere else. XD

All this is just rambling, really. Aside from financial issues (har dee fucking har), things are really really good chez us as we move into my favorite season of the year. The air gets cool and crisp, and everything smells all new again. I've never really understood why people find the overwhelming heavy sweetness of spring as signifying newness to them; surely it's the clean crispness of fall that makes everything clean?

Ignore my rambling, 3.5 hours of sleep will do that to you. I'd like to blame the baby, or the freelance work I'm doing (though stopped much much earlier in the evening when my brain gave out long before my body), or the shows I'm re-watching (Buffy & Angel), but I suspect it has more to do with my body's inability to get a regular amount of sleep and the fact that Id slept about 10 or 11 hours the night before.

And look! more rambling.

Anyhoo. Hi. It's cool out, and a bit dark. I love it.


Aug. 29th, 2011 05:56 pm
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I haven't been posting, but I've been hanging out, and even remembering to read a few times a week. Sorry for the silence. It's been a crazy, crazy time around here while I've been silent. Earthquakes and hurricanes and nearly-burst-appendixes and swiftly growing children, oh my. How are you all doing? (pee ess, I'm taking a small twitter break, because my brain just isn't working well, and I'm hoping that'll help. So feel free to find me here or on LJ instead of there.)


Jul. 18th, 2011 11:41 pm
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I give you my very deep thoughts on tonight's episode of Eureka:


I'm so so pleased to have this back on the air.

Haven as well, about which I have a million things to say, and can't quite seem to get them out of my brain.
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Sorry, but the Eureka premiere was a million times better than the White Collar premiere and the Covert Affairs premiere put together. Haven's going to have big shoes to fill on Friday.


I re-watched the episode and love it just as much. )


Jul. 11th, 2011 02:09 pm
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While my daughter is pointedly Not Napping, I decided to watch an episode of a show that was rec'd to me last night in my desperate search for SOMETHING PLEASE TO WATCH PLEASE.

And I thought, "Oh, hey! That guy looks like Hugh Dillon!"

Oh. Hey. That guy IS Hugh Dillon. d'oh.

I guess it's been a while since I've seen him play anything but a crazy freaking lunatic.
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I'm on that G+ thingum, though not doing much. Two separate accounts - one under darthrami (shock!) and the other with my real name address. If you have me on FB, it's the same combo as my profile link (and the e-mail address is on my profile); otherwise, if you know my names, it's [first initial][middle initial][last name, letters only].

Not sure what all I'll do with them, but might as well have people there, eh?