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One of these days, I will make a post that isn't just a drive-by hi and apology for being crap at keeping up with more than one website/social media platform at a time.

This is not that day.


Sorry I'm crap at keeping up with more than one site at a time.

(At least I'm not spamming all of y'all over here with my stupid feels about STUPID shows that I'm unhealthily emotionally attached to.)
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Though I did have full intent to come and post here yesterday (Wednesday, that is) about... something. Something that seemed more relevant to DW/LJ-land than to tumblr or twitter-land. 

Of course, then life happened yesterday and I no longer have any freaking clue what is was I wanted to post about. 

Possible upcoming topics: my brain! my job! my brother's yahrzeit! my kid!

I know, I live such an exciting life - it's okay to be jealous.


Mar. 11th, 2014 10:35 am
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Found my adderall under my keyboard this morning.

Well, that explains a lot about yesterday.
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This list may be amended at any point... )

10. When the writers can get over their fears, this show can actually be REALLY funny, as opposed to the things they've always wanted us to find funny.


Oct. 13th, 2012 09:28 am
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I'm actually out of town at my parents' house, and left the computer behind, so I won't beagle to see tonight's Merlin (or last night's Haven) until tomorrow night. Bah.

But! Before it airs, I wanted to give my own summary of its (mostly) awesomeness.

Which went as thus:

No real spoilers behind the cut )

The eynd. So, yeah. Excited for tonight's episode.

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*blows the dust off this thing*

Uh... hullo. If anybody's still reading. :) I've been meaning for, well, months now, to write some long deep meaningful thing on my DW experience, if you will, and my feelings on the companions, including my deep uncomfortable feelings around Amy (as companion. not as character). Alas, I have not done so, and thusly I feel a little bit like I ought to just put out there before tonight's episode that I have an unpopular opinion behind the cut ).

So. Yeah! 

How are you guys? 

We've been okay, although preschool illnesses and a full-time job leave little time for the internet, even as my meds have helped me cope better with it. Such is the way of the world, I suppose. 

In the evenings and on the weekends (and now and then during the day but not often anymore), I can be found on twitter (expected username, aka my LJ handle). I have a tumblr and have been enjoying reading, though I don't actually post on my fannish tumblr (notmissmarple, if you see that name and are confused). I also have a personal one where I post amusing and infuriating interactions with the toddler. Email me if you want that one.

And, alas, like most of mainstream society, I spend most of my time on the book of face. I think I've found most of you over there, but if I haven't, and you'd like to get spammed with 3,672,497 pictures of the toddler, then let me know.

(please note this is attempt TWO at this post, as something truly strange is going on and normal typing keeps moving my cursor around the screen and deleting things. augh.)
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People, it has been a week. And it's not even Friday.

Starting LAST Friday...

-we drove through that crazy fucking Ring of Fire Derecho (best name ever y/y?) and are very VERY lucky nothing larger than rocks or hail hit our windshield, as there were trees flying around, and we needed an entire new windshield as it was
-relatedly, for the first time in... ever, we were the first people with power back (usually we are the first out, last back. I consider this payback for 5 years of PEPCO-related asshatery)
-however, there is still a GIANT FUCKING TREE blocking half of our circle, so people can only come around from the right, not the left, but I can't really bring myself to care all that much, since it ~only~ landed on a lamppost and a car, and didn't take out any power lines
-(also, the other GIANT FUCKING TREE that had cut off access from the right - Friday when we got home we had to park and walk through the storm to get home - has been cleaned up. in part by a tiny old asian man with a knife. he was freaking hard core.)
-Saturday it took us nearly an hour and a half to find an open gas station AND obtain gas, so it's awfully good we have AAA, who brought us two gallons, or we would've run out of gas long before we were able to get more
-Then we drove up to PA/NJ, while slowly watching the cracks in our windshield grow ever larger (from about 3" and about 5" to about 11" and about 9", by the end of the trip). 
-And then go to Wall*mart, aka hell on earth, to get some clothes, since even if we'd had time, energy and, well, power, we weren't allowed to do laundry on Friday night or Saturday morning
-After which, we got to go to my aunt and uncle's house for my cousin's graduation party. 
-Yes, THAT aunt and uncle. (happy to add you to filter if you can't see it; I haven't updated filters in a million years. but really, it was disgusting and bad and you probably don't need to see it. Was going to post the DW equivalent link, but apparently my journal only imported back to somewhere in 2009? Weird. *pokes*
-um. It wasn't as bad as I thought or feared it would be? It was actually kind of good? In that way that's for the best, but really freaks you out at the same time.
-Including talking with one of cousin's cousins (her father's side) who was a giant prat as a child, and still was, when with his siblings, but on his own was really nice and talkative and that was just plain WEIRD
-ANYWAY. Sunday was just a great big THING, including lots of panic from work because
-O HAI new boss (executive director) started on Sunday! Just after giant freaking storm! and had no email access or anything and had no idea what to do!
-and so I spent 3.5 hours in a car on Sunday night, rescuing housemate from airport, and dealing with work stuff, and having not eaten dinner
-at which point I find out that my good friend's husband has died
-but I still need to work
-and Beeb's first day of school was supposed to be Monday
-only it wasn't because we had no power at work, 
-it was Tuesday, but she wasn't there because we had my friend's husband's funeral to go to
-and then I DID go to work, where there was - and still is - no internet
-so we don't have any today, even though they called me and told me it was back up yesterday
-which sucks only in small part because it's our new fiscal year and we have, oh, 10s of thousands of dollars of credit cards we have to run, which we can't do without internet
-and then today WAS Beeb's first day of school, which went pretty well and she was awesome and didn't cry and didn't want to go home when I went to get her (they ramp up to full days for new kids), which was both amazing (we're raising a strong, independent girl), and a bit sad (it would be nice to feel wanted!)
-and work was frustrating because we still can't do much WORK at work without internet, and new boss is, well, new, and so still learning things, and there's been a lot of "so... this is how [x] happens, only I can't show you until the internet is back"
-and also the office manager has been on a cruise all week, and the other admin in the office both likes to take responsibility and also stresses out really quickly, so needless to say SHE'S BEEN REALLY REALLY STRESSED
-and then I get to go sit Shiva with my friend tonight or Sunday

Tomorrow is Friday. 

Maybe I'll get to take a breath? 

I would like to thank J for helping us get through this week. Also my meds. Times A MILLION. Because holy crap, people
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Still here.

Finished Supernatural a bit back, and have Lots of Thoughts. Hopefully soon I'll be able to organize them into a thing, provided anybody wishes to chat with me about it.

I know I say that repeatedly, and then don't collect or organize my thoughts and put them out there in any way shape or form, but this time it may (MIGHT. I'm not promising) happen. I've been experimenting with bath salts* and it seems to be helping my thinking-ness. Unfortunately, a few of my neighbors have *cough* disappeared *cough*, but such are the hazards of keeping me well fed healthy. 

*on the off chance somebody I don't actually know stumbles upon this post, no, it's not ACTUALLY bath salts. I'm not stupid.
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Both old and new

Met up with Patty tonight to FINALLY go see Avengers. And it was awesome! Except for that part 3/4 through where my knee seized up and hurt for 5 minutes straight, but I can hardly blame that on Joss.  I approve highly of the movie. And also Jeremy Renner's arms. 

I've also started watching Supernatural. Which resulted in this conversation:
"So, a few days ago, I started watching Supernatural."
"Oooh! You've got three or four seasons of really good stuff to watch!"
"I finished season three today."
". . . . . oh. sorry."

Which led to further conversation on the fact that, well, I'm aware of the characters, and the premise and all of that, but somehow I managed to steer clear of its fandom almost entirely. I know who the people are, and I know certain things happen, but have no idea how people feel about various episodes, let alone seasons, or even characters. It's like I'm watching it fresh, and that's kind of fun. I recently went through Doctor Who in a similar way, but I did know about people's strong feelings about the characters, seasons, showrunners, etc, so it was sort of more like I was filling in the blanks, whereas this is a clean slate, if that makes sense.

I'm digging it. Er, both doing it the clean slate way, and the show. 

So, yes. Media - I can haz it!
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(You can blame [livejournal.com profile] sovay for mentioning it)

You ever feel like you don't know who you are? Like if you weren't around somebody, or that someone wasn't around you, then you wouldn't be you, or at least not the you that you think. You ever think like that?

Never change, Ray. Never change.

Given we're coming up on my brother's birthday, and the attendant insomnia that comes along with it (minus the last few days that I've been sick, UGH), I've been watching a lot of TV. Have burned my way through all the seasons of UK's Being Human.

So, I'm here. Watching things. Occasionally having things to say, though by the time I open this update box, I've usually forgotten what they are...
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So I am not long for the internets, as my daughter did not nap and is currently banging her tiny tin cup against the bars of her cell crib.

However, I have spent the last month poking at songs and video and want to do something, but am being extraordinarily picky, and that just won't do. So I thought I'd put out one of those calls, like folks do for drabbles, but for fun things to vid. Just so that I'm working on SOMETHING. 

Anybody got anything they want to see*?

Or some way to magically get me to stop stalling when everything isn't absolutely perfect? Especially when my free trial of Avid runs out in a few days, if it hasn't already.

*sources fairly limited, I have Sherlock, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Black Books, Haven, some Eureka, some White Collar.

ETA: I've also had an idea for a story! But I wouldn't take bets on that ever seeing the light of day.
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As of last night (a reasonable hour, even!), I am mostly* done watching New!Who.

I have many ~thoughts~ and many ~feelings~, most of which I am utterly failing to get out of my brain and onto the keyboard. This is the type of thing where conversation - in person, preferably, so as to maximize the ability to communicate through hand flailing and facial gestures, but online works, too - is much better than posting, because I open up the post box and am sort of left with ". . . . . . . .".

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Anybody wanna chat?

*mostly meaning that I've seen all the episodes listed previously, and up through The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe, but minus A Christmas Carol, Planet of the Dead, and the various little mini specials. And I still haven't - will, am planning on it ASAP - gone back and watched the other Ninth Doctor Episodes.
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Dearest Internets,

Since my post on Wednesday, I have watched more Doctor Who.

A lot of it.

I'm kind of embarrassed to say how much. )

Aaaaand on to Series 4 it is, I suppose. I have way more thoughts than I've put in here, but I'm having trouble getting them from my brain to my keyboard.

ETA: I'm kind of in love with whoever was in charge of the music for series 3. It really was just excellent.
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That Sam Tyler's father is Stan Shunpike.

And then my head exploded. 
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Last night I watched an episode of Doctor Who.

And I liked it. 

This brings the number of Doctor Who eps that I've enjoyed to two.

I feel sort of like there ought to be a service that tells you, among a long-running show, if you liked [x] episode, you'd like [y] episode. Why doesn't that exist? 


Feb. 21st, 2012 10:28 pm
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What on earth happened to my Dreamwidth layout? 

I'm just so lazy, I don't want to have to fix it all. /whine 
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I got my hair chopped super short this morning. I was contemplating it (it was time for my yearly chop), but wimped out yesterday and went for a more normal length cut (but a slight variation on my norm). However, the hairdresser screwed it up, and as my "save me from this mullet" cut, I ended up with one that was decent, but not at all one I wanted, and one that (having had it in the past) I know doesn't look great on me. Also, it's my mother's haircut. Which, no offense, looks FANTASTIC on my mother. But I don't really want my mother's haircut.

So I went somewhere else this morning and had them chop it off. Not all of it, but a vast majority of it, and I am now sporting a super short, spiky, fairly queer (imo) 'do.

And I love it.

I'm debating some manic panic-style color for the tips. Though I can't decide what color. I'm obviously too indecisive for permanent (funky) hair color.

It's like I'm living a misspent youth. Not re-living - that would imply that I had one to start with.

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to be that person who makes Sherlock vids to Beatles songs, and yet. The niggling ideas.

But, I ask you, why the hell can't Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk be JUST a bit more uptempo? What a waste of opportunity...

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So, here goes nothing. 

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
(Embedding restricted because of copyright material, grrrr.)

Moriarty-centric Sherlock vid, with spoilers through episode 2x03, The Reichenbach Fall 
(No, really. Don't watch it if you haven't seen series 2, I promise.)

Many thanks to those who cheered and hand held and advised, most especially [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone .